Thursday, 4 November 2010

Radio Analysis

The three radio stations that I decided to listen to was Radio 1, Asda Radio and Classic FM. These three different radio stations are very different to each other but also have some similarities.

The style of Asda Radio is different to radios that broadcast to the whole country, as they are an in store radio the adverts that they broadcast are all about the products that you can buy in the different stores. While listening to Asda FM, i barely heard the presenter speak and when he did it was briefly about what songs where coming up in the broadcast, his pitch was a deep but clear his projection was at a normal level he didn't decide to shout and sound excited he kept it cool but just saying the different songs and when the news would be up. The news is a lot different to regular broadcasters it more constrated on the the 'Celebrity' stlye of news, because of this the news presenters pitch wasn't deep or serious she kept it light hearted and spoke in a general voice. The audience for Asda FM is for the people that go to the store buy there grocerys or the home and living store, I was surprised by the music they did play which was recent RnB / pop music, as the people that are normally in Asda are adults buying the shopping and products for there home I would of expected them to play some old music to suit the target audience. The content of the show was less of the presenter talking and more 2 or 3 songs being played at the same time and then adverts about the new products in the store and the songs coming up by playing a couple of seconds of the song. After each different item there is always an Ident saying Asda FM. As there wasn't much communication from the presenter the pace of the show is rather fast with songs being played back to back, idents advertising the show name and the products being advertised, if the presenter had done more talking I think that the pace would be slowed down as it wouldn't jump from one thing to another as presenters split up the pace of a show. But as its customers shopping, constantly playing music and adverts would be better as they are then more concentrating on the shopping and not what the presenter is saying to them,
as it would mostly go unnoticed.

The next radio station I listened to was BBC 1 with Dev, as I started listening there was the general news about downloading music from illegal and legal sites and how its cheaper for young teens and adults. When this news has finished there is an Ident which introduces the main news of the day, the music changes and goes to a more serious matter as this is the regional news, the woman's pitch of voice is clear and made sure that she gets the point clearly across so the audience knows what is going on. After the news Dev's broadcast gets under way and he thanks the news for keeping the audience updated. He talks directly to the audience so that you feel you are involved in the show, he talks about who has text and phoned in so far to the show, his pitch is louder than the other two presenters that I have listened to and seems a lot more excited, though some presenters projection can seem like they are shouting when they are excited about things Dev made sure his projection wasn't too loud but made himself sound like he was excited about the show he was doing. Dev talks for a couple of minutes and then the song kicks in, while listening to the show the genre for the play list was mixed and unlike Classic FM and Asda FM they had more genres. From soft rock, RnB and dance music so that it hit a wider range of audience, the audience for this broadcast is people at work listening to the radio, adults and young adults as its broadcast while school / college is in session. The content to this broadcast is to talk about a topic then run straight into two or three songs tell the audience what they had just listened to and what songs will be coming up in the show and Idents advertising other BBC 1's other broadcasters, while Dev talks he goes on the phone to a 12 year old that is listening to the show who is off, this is good as it shows that the radio is aimed at all ages and engages them to ring and have a chat with the presenter. I think that this pace to the broadcast is that of the same as Asda FM rather fast because Dev doesn't talk for long periods of time and the show is mainly consisted of songs and because of this the pace seems to go fast, where as if this was a morning show it would be a lot slower pace as presenters talk a lot more in the morning.

The last radio station I listened to was a lot different to Radio 1 or Asda FM in many ways, the pace of Classic FM was a lot slower, the presenter Jane spoke for longer period of lengths and gave you great detail about each song that she was playing to you, the first song that I listened to she gave background information on the composer. Also the songs that were being played was also a lot longer than usual songs which also made the pace a lot slower. The presenters pitch was a lot more calmer than the previous one I had been listening to, she spoke slower than the Radio 1 presenter and you could keep up with the pace of the show a lot better than the previous ones I had been listening to as she spoke a lot slower. The target audience for Classic FM I believe is aimed at the more older generation and some young adults that prefer classical music and just want to have a relaxed day. This is proven by the adverts that are being played on the show, such as products to buy for peoples cars like d-icer, this was also shown by the topics that was spoken about in the news like the American politics and English about the prices charged to go to Universities. The pace of the broadcast really slowed down when they played a song that lasted more than 20 minutes, as it went on for this long I did start to get really bored and wondered when it would end and when the presenter would come back on this was the only downside to Classic FM if you wasn't a regular listener you could start to get bored after a couple of minutes from listening.
All 3 radio stations that I have listened to our different and similar in many ways, they each have different ways, how to present their voice, how the content of the show goes, the different adverts they advertise and if they really involve the audience by playing games. Each radio show I have listened follows the radio guidelines. How the pace of the show should go and different genres of music they play depending on the audience they are trying to target.

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  1. Love the show with Dev!! Awesome presenter! It is crazy that they love to play R&B, I used to work at Zara (the clothes there are mostly for adults) and they played R&B there every day.. apart from once when they played house! A very, very memorable occasion! I do love to 'break' from my shopping to listen to the presenter. 'What fun, it's not just a tape playing. Definitely coming back here again' :P