Friday, 5 November 2010

Cross Media Content

Most media groups use cross media content to advertise there radio stations or television shows, this helps gain more audiences and audience feedback so that they know what the viewer thinks and how they can improve there show.
Radio 1 has an online website where you can listen to the show and give out feedback and they also have facebook pages and the new following of twitter, where you can tweet in and give information on what you think. Many other radio stations use cross media content to advertise there shows as it is a good way to get out there and attract more viewers, radio can also be seen as a cross media content because different shows that are shown on television can advertise on the radio.

This is our link to the youtube page - this is the advert we made for Phresh FM -
And this is the youtube link to our promotional video -

Our youtube page is ran off Jon's own youtube page, we made a youtube page so that people could view what we had done and get our show out there to the public and tune in on the day that we broadcast. So far our advert had had 170 views, which we thought was good because it meant people had been viewing the show and seeing what Phresh FM was all about.
We also have a Facebook page, where we updated the status to say the dates for when our show would be broadcasted and when we would be doing practise shows which they could view on, we also uploaded our Advert and Promo to show our fans on the page and also get there opinions on what we had done, we also uploaded the playlists so we could see what they thought and whether they wanted different songs or just keep the genre the same.

Cross Media content is good for many ways, especially drawing in more viewers and getting your point across to the public instead of waiting for the show to actually air, it helps us advertise and get our target audience's opinion.


We was put into groups for our radio assignment, I was in a group with Naomi, Kris, Craig, Jamie, Brett, Jon and Nathan. We all tried to come up with different ways in how to present the show and as we was doing a morning show and an afternoon show we decided to host 2 main different presents on each show and have a guest with them. We thought that a name for our show to represent each programme would be good, we had come up with different names and logos for the show such as Sunny Side up and Sun Set Down, after a few talks though and when Kris came back off holiday we changed the name completely and decided to call both shows Phresh FM, we picked this name as the name showed that our programme would be fresh and entertaining.

There was a lot to do for the show, such as get topics, news, features and come up with a playlist to feature on the show, we had to come up with different playlists for each show as the morning show would be calm and relaxing and more talking as from the research we had done, it showed that morning shows have the presenter talking more, where as in the afternoon there is more music being played and more features in the show. We had group meetings in who we thought should do what and who should be the main presenter in each show, we came up with;

Jon for the morning show, he can pitch his voice so that it carries to people and people understand what he is talking back, he is nice and loud but not too loud so it sounds like he is excited. As Jon is interested in buses and his nickname is Boris, we was going to have him play this sort of character where his excitment comes from buses, we stopped this idea as we thought that it would be too much for a morning show, we ended up just saying to be normal and just what the audience wants to hear. As we had to have topics to talk about we didnt lay down a detailed script, but we got bullent points of what happened during that week for him to talk about with his studio audience. Brett was Jons co-host for someone to talk to so that the audience gets a feel of a nice normal conversation in the morning and Brett knew which topics to talk about.

Kris for the afternoon show because, they play more music and have less talking and more features in the show, we picked Kris as our afternoon show was going to be more about music and dupstep music and drum and bass, the language Kris can speak and the way his personality is we thought that he would be great for the role of our afternoon show. We ended up not doing this idea, as our questionnaire showed that more people liked either RnB or Indie / rock so we changed our original idea to a more, chilled out and relaxed afternoon show. Joining Craig on the afternoon show

Nathan wanted to do the news for our show as that is his passion and it would of been good experience for him to do for future reference. I felt that he could of done a lot more on doing this task, admittedly he could only get main news for when we going to do a practise broadcast or an actual live broadcast, though he could of practising on how much news he should get and what topics as this was for a student broadcast.

While, Nathan, Brett, Jon, Kris and Craig had main presenting jobs the rest of the group was going to come on as special guests or take part in the games that we had come up with like the 'Quick Fire Round'.

We all as a group got involved in creating the features that we was going to play in the morning or afternoon show and the 2 games we had made out. The quiz was going to feature in the morning show that it got peoples minds awake and ready for the day, the Quiz involved, myself, Brett and Kris as the contestants and Jon asking the question, Nathan keeping score and Naomi recording, as it was a pre-recorded quiz and the game for the afternoon show would be the Quick Fire Round, we picked this for the afternoon show as its more of a light hearted game as you can have a laugh and joke about the different words that would appear, Craig was the host who made up the words, and myself, Jamie, Kris, Brett and Craig took part.

We all made up different features for the show, such as Guess That Tune, Children In Need Feature 1 and 2, Where's Kris/Jon. The feature that I was involved with was Guess That Tune, this was one of the first features that had to make in Johns lesson, me Jamie and Naomi, made this feature which lasted a couple of minutes long. Children In Need Feature 1 I did the voice over for the little girl Ellie where I talked about people helping to raise money so more people like Ellie can have more fun at hospital and the 2nd feature as I interviewed Andy Tyres.

Our first radio broadcast;

Listening back to the broadcast I understand now what went wrong and the different things that we should of done before playing, what went wrong I personally think was we hadn't researched enough into what we was going to talk about, no real topics in front of us only from the top of our head what had happened in recent news the day before and today, so we struggled on what to say and it seemed that it was really disorganised. The music we played went well with what our target audience had said they preferred in our questionnaire, the news we tried to play on exactly half past, Naomi in this broadcast tried to get all our timings right for the next show so that we know how long to speak and how long each song will end up lasting. The news I think went well and lasted a couple minutes like the usual news. The other thing missing was our Idents introducing Phresh FM and the news, this was partly because Craig wasn't used to being on Myriad and at times we had trouble playing them by exporting them incorrectly, I think that if we had played these in our first broadcast then it would of sounded a lot more professional. Jon tried his best I believe in trying to make the broadcast work well, with speaking to the audience as if they was really there and getting Brett to chat to him about different things, though you could tell that it was awkward and made up on the spot.

What we could achieve on, was writing a basic script and get topics for the presenter to base the show on and say what would be coming up in the show so that it has a more professional feel to it. I think that Jon as a presenter on the morning show and the features we played well fitted in and the more conversation than music fitted what we was going to do.

Focus Group

For our research into our target audience and what they would like to hear we arranged a focus group and asked their oppinions on what they thought worked best and what they didn't like, we showed them different clips from our show.

We showed them –
• a 5minute clip of radio 1 and what they thought
• a pre-recorder rehearsal of our shows and what they thought
• let them listen to a couple of features and note their reaction
• give them a list of our draft playlists for both shows.

This is what their reaction was to what we showed them;

Radio 1 – “lively”, “fun games”, “interesting topics”, “too much talking not enough music”, “me and my family all listen together in the car and find it interesting even though we are all different ages”.

Our show- “I understand the angle they are coming from”, “technically flawed”, “enjoyed the range of music”, “music felt right for the time of day they said it would be played” “presenter seemed different and he should be more original.”

Reaction to features (Quick Fire Round) as we played them the quick fire round they started to join in and said answers that they thought could of fitted in, we saw this as positive as they wanted to join in and they had a laugh doing it. “I felt the quickfire round ended too soon but I joined in and had a laugh”

(Guess that tune) “make the song harder to challenge audiences because that song was really easy”, “I like the idea of submitting my answer onto facebook because then I can ask for a song and look at the features it offers.”

(Playlists) “they seem appropriate for time of day but the morning only has 6 songs in a hour!” “I like the idea of the news being every 15minutes as long as its not really long news cos that’s boring” “I really love the variety of bands in the afternoon show, I could sit with my friends who have different tastes and all enjoy it.”

We also asked them these questions that we though would be appropriate to ask;

1. How would you compare our two presenters? “they have two different styles and they don’t connect with each other as one company” “Kris is a quick thinker and works well with his guests”
2. Which presenter did you relate to and why? “Jon as I could wake up to him and stay awake, he has quite an unusual tone” “Kris because his topics and his opinion match me and my interests”

3. How did you find their language and style? “Kris’ style fits in with the style of his show and so does Jon however they don’t fit as two presenters on one show” “Jon talks like he is a lot older, his language is a mega contrast to Kris who seems quite chavy”

4. Features? “I really enjoyed Quick Fire but I wanted it to last longer” “I liked the quiz, it was long but I felt the questions were cool and the contestants worked well together”

5. Do you feel the shows followed the company’s style? “the programs are so different” “yes I liked the morning chat and in the afternoon there was more music.”

6. Did you want to get involved? “I played along, if I was in my car I would have aswell” “the quick fire I will introduce to my mates, it would be well funny.”

From doing this focus group it helped us see what people prefer and what we are doing right, they like how we have more conversation in the morning show and play more music in the afternoon show. The features that we had showed them was also a big hit especially the quick fire round which we will hopefully make it last longer.

Thursday, 4 November 2010


For both our radio shows we have about 7 features to play through out the play and only one of them is going to be live which will be the quick fire round
  • Quick Fire Round
This game is basically the presenter saying a word and the contestants have to quickly think of a subject that relates to the subject. E.G Apple - I-phone. The quiz ends when the other contestants cant think of a related subject to the last word that has been said. We have decided to play this feature in our morning show so that it wakes up the presenters and audiences brain if they want to play along with friends.

  • Pre-recorded Quiz
Me and Naomi spent an afternoon thinking up questions that could be asked in the quiz, we tried to make it so that the answers were all different subjects so that everyone that took part in the quiz had a chance to get a point. We found it quite difficult in finding answers as most were hard or we couldn't think up enough to ask, the quiz though surprisingly ended up 9 minutes long. Jon was the presenter that asked the questions and it was, Brett, Kris and myself that was the contestants in the quiz.

  • Guess That Tune
As seen on other radio stations Guess That Tune is a tune that has been jumbled and the audience rings or texts in to guess the correct answer. We have only done one of these. Naomi, Jamie and myself made up this quiz, when editing it we played the song backwards instead of jumbling it all around so you just have to look out for key words in the song we have picked or the tune.

  • Children In Need Feature 1
Jon and Nathan created a feature for Children In Need which plays 30 seconds or more of previous tracks which has been the official Children In Need songs, they merged them together to make a mix and to make people think about the new song that will be coming out and encourage them to buy the track and raise money for the charity, the songs we decided to put into the feature was;
Emma Bunton - Down Town
Girls Aloud - I'll stand By You
Liberty X - Night To Remember
Mcfly - Do Ya
Peter Kays - BBC Children In Need Medley

  • Children In Need Feature 2
Me and Naomi created a second feature for Children In Need and this one raises awareness of the programme and how you should try and donate money towards the charity. On the official site we found a clip of a little girl called Ellie who has been in hospital for a while and she is only young, we recorded her speaking and then recorded myself asking for help and how the audience can help Ellie and others get better by donating and making them have better equipment.

  • Where's Kris / Jon
This feature was made to also get the audiences brains guessing like the quick fire round and guess that tune, Kris and Nathan had the idea about the two presenters on each different show describing a couple of locations as to where they are, and the audience has to ring in or text in and answer where they think that they are. We decided to do this as we all thought that it was a good idea and something different and they can describe different places in the world to get peoples Geography skills up.

  • National Diploma Year 1 Feature
In our afternoon show that will be broadcasted for the Children In Need day we will be playing a feature from the year 1's, as these haven't been completed yet we haven't been able to hear which one we will be broadcasting on the day.

Playlist for show

While asking our questionnaire we found out that the most people who answered was 16 - 18 and 18 -21 and also that the music that was popular in the questionnaire was pop/charts, because of these results we decided to pick records that was being played on playlists on radios at the moment and new songs that are popular with this target audience.
Our afternoon playlist that is being broadcasted for Children In Need;

Bruno Mars - Just The Way You Are
Rihanna & Eminem - Love The Way You Lie
Eight Legs - Vicious
Edward Mayer - Stereo Love
Jason Derulo - Riding Solo
Labrinth - Let The Sun Shine
Taio Cruz - Break Your Heart
Tinie Tempah - Written In The Stars
Glee - Don't Stop Believing
* The Killers - Mr. Brightside

* If we need a little extra time then we always have an extra song to play to make up the minutes.

The playlist that we have picked isn't mainly focused on the chosen genre, we decided to add in a few songs from a different genre like Eight Legs who are more Indie/Rock so we make sure that we get a wider range of audience who listen to the show and also stay tuned while we are playing the songs. To add something different to the show instead of the same genre to mix it up a little.

Questionnaire Results.

From our results we found out the people we asked were mainly 16-18 and 19-21, they prefer listening to music in the morning and the music that got the most votes was pop/charts. They prefer to relax while listening to the radio and most people listen at home and 3-4 days a week. Asking about Children In Need, they liked making awareness for the charity and most prefer to give donations rather than get involved.

1) What is your age range? (Please circle)

16-18 = 17 18-21 = 12 21-25 = 4 26+ = 0

2) 2) What Gender are you?

Male = 20 Female = 13

3 ) 3) How often do you listen to the radio?

1-2 times per week = 14 3-4 times per week = 16 Everyday = 3

4) 4) Where do you listen to the radio?

At Home = 13 At Work = 3 In the Car = 17

5) 5)What time of day do you usually listen to it?

Morning = 13 Mid-Day = 3 Afternoon = 7 Evening = 4

6. A) In the Morning what type of music would you want to hear?

Relaxing = 10 Loud = 9 Charts = 7 Mixture = 6

b) In the morning would you want travel and news updates every minutes?

Yes = 28 no = 5

7) In the afternoon would you prefer to have a mixture of all genres?

Yes = 24 no = 9

b) How often would you like news updates?

Every 15 mins = 5 every 30 mins = 18 every hour = 10

8) Where you would prefer to have more features played?

Morning = 9 Afternoon = 11 Same Amount in Both= 13

9) What sort of music do you like listening to on the radio?

Pop/Charts = 11 RnB = 4 Rock = 3 Dance = 6 DnB = 5

Indie = 8

10) Do you like to hear regular news and travel updates?

Yes = 29 no = 4

11) Would you like to participate in games on the radio?

Yes = 14 no = 19

12) How do you usually participate in Children In Need?

Donation = 19 Get Involved = 9 Nothing = 5

13) What sort of content would you like to hear from the radio to raise money for Children In Need?

Raising awareness = 20 Games = 6 Talking = 7


These are the questions that we asked people about radio, we asked there age so we knew the target audience we was aiming for and what time of day they preferred to listen and what type of genre is preferred and when they like to hear the news and whether they like weather updates and travel updates.

Audience Research-Questionnaire

1) What is your age range? (Please circle)

16-18 18-21 21-25 25+

2) What Gender are you?

Male Female

3) How often do you listen to the radio?

1-2 times per week 3-4 times per week Everyday

4) Where do you listen to the radio?

At Home At Work In the Car

5) What time of day do you usually listen to it?

Morning Mid-Day Afternoon Evening

6. A) In the Morning what type of music would you want to hear?

Relaxing Loud Charts Mixture

b) In the morning would you want travel and news updates every minutes?

Yes no

7) in the afternoon would you prefer to have a mixture of all genres?

Yes no

b) how often would you like news updates?

every 15 mins, every 30 mins, every hour

8) Where you would prefer to have more features played?

Morning Afternoon Same Amount in Both

9) What sort of music do you like listening to on the radio?

Pop/Charts DnB Classic Rock Dance RnB Indie

10) Do you like to hear regular news and travel updates?

Yes no

11) Would you like to participate in games on the radio?

Yes no

12) How do you usually participate in Children In Need?

Donation, Get involved, Nothing

13) What sort of content would you like to hear from the radio to raise money for Children In Need?

Raising Awareness, Games, Talking